Holy Overpriced Concessions!

As I mentioned last week, my son and husband were going to Monster Jam.  Well, they did, and they had a blast.  My four-year old regaled me with stories of smashed cars, trucks that looked like dogs, monsters and Iron Man, and in general just couldn’t stop talking about the fun he had.  I’m so glad they went and were able to create that memory together.  Those are the things that stay with you as you grow up – spending special time with Mom or Dad and seeing new things together. 

What I couldn’t believe about the trip was the price of concessions – wow!  It cost $12 for a flimsy plastic “Grave Digger” cup with a drink in it, which of course my husband bought as a souvenir.  A cheap flag with a favorite truck on it cost $10, and even the cotton candy cost almost as much as it takes to repair the ensuing cavity.

I know the concessions are where they make all their money, but sheesh, we spent $60 on tickets already, so can’t they give us a break and let us take home a memory without breaking the bank?  And if they’re going to charge an arm and a leg, at least make the concessions reasonable quality.  That cup will be broken before summer, I bet. 

I think next time the kids go to an event like this, we will leave the cash at home and just enjoy the best souvenir of all – the memories in our heads.