4H Versus Girl Scouts

4H Versus Girl Scouts

We really enjoy both, but so far, the verdict is…

4H is better.

To be fair, this is our third year in 4H and only our fist in Scouts, but it’s not for lack of trying. I tried to contact the GS for over a year to try and get my daughter in, but without a school contact it was ridiculous—jumping through hoops, multiple calls and emails only to be told to call this person or to email that person. It took some complaining and even more pushing to finally get us into a meeting—and after that meeting, another two months before we even had a troop. What gives?

I figured the Girl Scouts would be super organized, but so far, it doesn’t seem to be that way. Our troop leader—it’s her first year, by the way—is fantastic. She is well organized, kind, and open-minded, and the kids love her. I couldn’t ask for a better person to lead them. That said, the city or county or whatever group doesn’t seem to be so organized. We’re always getting invites to do this or that, and these consist of a piece of paper telling you what and how much the event is, without any other details, expecting us to just fork over a check to do something when we have no idea what it entails! From getting our troop off the ground to cookie sales, background checks to more, everything takes for-ev-er and just doesn’t run very smoothly.

I am happy to report that our own troop runs smoothly, however, and we are happy with that! 4H, on the other hand, is so easy. There’s only one piece of paperwork for the entire year, if you want there to be, and there’s SO much freedom. Of course, it’s coed, which we like, and it’s so organized. I had my volunteer training the week I requested it! They are totally on top of everything, and like our Scouts leader, I absolutely love our coordinator.

The thing is, the activities are really similar. They’re both based on the kids’ interests, which I love. The Girl Scouts costs a little less to sign up, but they cost more in the long run between projects, group dues, and other fees. 4H only charges one fee for the whole year, which includes insurance, and they have all kinds of things—banquets, trainings, leadership days, etc.—where they pay for not just all of the activities, but the food, too! And we don’t even have to sell cookies or anything.

Both groups are great for kids and I recommend either to families wanting to make friends and get more involved in the community.