Lazy days aren’t just for summers

Lazy days aren’t just for summers

It’s perfect for the colder months, too!

When trying to picture a lazy day of doing nothing, it is all too easy for your mind to conjure up images of a hot summer day in which you lounge by the pool endlessly.  And as nice and relaxing as that might sound right now, there is no need for you to wait until next year to enjoy a lazy day.  You can have a perfectly good one right in the midst of the cold-weather months.

Instead of sitting by the pool like you would during the lazy summer months, try sitting by the fireplace.  It keeps you nice and warm.  Plus you can easily find yourself staring at the flames for hours on end. 

Then instead of drinking a cold glass of lemonade or margarita, opt for some hot cocoa with fluffy marshmallows or a fine glass of wine.  To add a little something more to the ambience, try putting on some soft music.  It is sure to help you to relax into your lazy winter day.

Staring at the fireplace for hours not your cup of tea?  Then how about adding a great book into the mix?  Read the latest novel from start to finish as you sit by the fireplace.  Or if you are interested in having a human companion, call up a good friend or a romantic interest. 

Then chat away as you both enjoy the lazy day together.  However, do keep in mind that if the person you called over is a romantic interest, lounging by the fireplace together can easily lead to things getting a little heated up between the two of you.