Moms Loves Watching To See Which Celebrities Are Pregnant

Moms Loves Watching To See Which Celebrities Are Pregnant

Is Snooki Pregnant Or Not?

Yes, for some mothers, entertainment can come as simply as watching the latest celebrity reports as who is or isn’t pregnant. The latest one revolves around the “Jersey Shore” star known as Snooki. Many media outlets are questioning whether she is pregnant? Is her little bump a baby bump or weight gain?

Yes, this is fun for some mothers to watch and read. Here they are in the mist of raising children, running after children and they hear the news that some of these perfect and not so perfect stars may soon be in their shoes. They hear that they may soon begin to gain weight and begin to know was water retention is. They also may soon have to worry about hiring nannies or staying at home raising their children. They may soon have some of the same problems as every day women. Some women enjoy watching as these celebrities become real woman in front of their eyes.

 Of course, some of these celebrities aren’t the moms that normal moms like seeing. Some of these celebrities’ moms use their pregnancy as a way to gain press and they even use their children as a way to get a reality show. These are the celebrities that many moms would like to talk to one on one. They would like to remind them to stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about their children. After all, raising children is supposed to be about entertainment. Raising children is a lifetime commitment that is supposed to be based on love.

Yet, moms will continue to watch in fascination as the media continues to keep an eye on the waistlines of people like Snooki. They will watch to see if those expanding bellies are due to belly fat or a baby bump.