This Means War

This Means War

I think Twilight has turned us into a generation of stalker fetishists.

My best friend assured me that the film This Means War is fantastically funny, and she was right, as usual. I laughed pretty hard. But I didn’t walk away thinking it was a great movie because there were plenty aspects of the film that bothered me.

The obvious problem is that these two covert agents actively spied on the girl they were both dating. They didn’t just Google her like a normal person, or even look up her information and leave it at that; they bugged her house! They followed her everywhere she went! And worst of all, they recorded her on camera, including a scene during which she had sex with one of them. Of course, the more devious of the two was the one she ended up with (no, I’m not bitter that she didn’t end up with my pick—just really, really irritated at what’s passing for romance).

Hollywood, I don’t give a damn what teen girls are telling you they like a la Twilight. Men watching women without their knowledge in the privacy of their own homes—and following them everywhere they go—is not romantic! It is called stalking and it is illegal! And to have a woman actually agree to marry the guy who bugged her and recorded himself sleeping with her—and allowed his work buddies to see it—sends out a misogynistic message loud and clear: it’s okay to invade women’s privacy and break their trust because it’s, like, romantic.

No, it’s not. And the fact that if these two idiots had been doing their job in the first place and monitoring the man they were supposed to instead of this girl, they would have apprehended their terrorist and saved plenty of time, money, damage control, injuries, and possibly lives just kills me. Yes, it’s supposed to be a romantic comedy, but that is just ridiculous. By not doing their jobs while knowing this guy was after them, they put the girl of their dreams in danger—and they knew better.

If this film had had less idiocy and stalking—how about no stalking, actually?—it would have been really fun. I just spent way too much time being angry at the men—and at her for not coming clean about dating two people at once before sleeping with one of them—to really enjoy it all that much.

Cool soundtrack, though.