Your goofiest mummy moment

Your goofiest mummy moment

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As I was putting the remote in the refrigerator, I stopped to think about how motherhood has changed my brain. It’s not temporary, though it is worse when your child is a baby, at least from my experience. I forget words—I’ll point at the couch and say, “Get your jacket off the—um, the…” and snap my fingers as if it will come to me. My husband, who has never missed a night of sleep from post-hospital parenting, prods, “Couch?” and sometimes I just want to smack him.

He knows I love him.

We do some pretty goofy things as scatterbrained moms, and if you have multiples, you work, or you have school—all full time jobs, by the way, whether you have one child or more—it’s probably even worse. I remember getting annoyed when both my grandmother and my mother would shout out names to get our attention—“Gale! No, Cynthia! Argh, you, you there!”—and they’d list every child except the one they want. Now I totally get it, ladies. And I only have one!

So what’s your goofiest mummy moment? No judgment here! Feel free to share among other moms who find their keys in the cleaning closet or their cell phones in the laundry basket…