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Don't Forget Dollar Stores for Great Savings

Many of us spend so much time stalking the weekly sales ads and the latest coupons that we forget about the deals that are there when we need them with no sale required. There have been so many times when I visited the local dollar store and saw many items that I had recently purchased for a higher price elsewhere. I just simply forget to look at the dollar store first and end up literally paying the price for it! Here are some items that you can find great savings on at local dollar stores:

1. Holiday Decorations. This is one type of item that dollar stores stock in great abundance. No matter what the next holiday may be, dollar stores seem to start stocking items for that holiday months in advance. I saved at least $50 or not more this past Christmas by purchasing all of my decorations at the dollar store. My local store also had great Halloween items and is now already stocking Valentine's Day items. Many even carry $1 birthday cards that compare to the cards that you find for 3 or 4 dollars elsewhere.

2. Toiletries. The dollar store near me has more body washes, shampoos and lotions than you could ever imagine. They often have knock-offs of popular brands that compare greatly to the original brand and also discontinued name brand items. They also carry hairbrushes, cosmetics that were mislabeled, toothpaste, deodorant and many other toiletry items.

3. OTC Medications and Vitamins. My best recent find at my local dollar store was a package of 14 generic Zyrtec for $1! Zyrtec is very expensive and even the local Wal-mart sold the generic version for $5 for 14 pills. They also sell generic versions of Tylenol and other pain relievers, antacids and many other health products. Check out their selection before you visit even the other discount stores.