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Spending Time with Family is More Important Than Gifts

My sister recently had a birthday party for her son. Of course he got a few nice birthday presents, but he won’t remember that birthday because of the gifts he received. It was the time that everyone spent together that made that party great.

One of my sisters bought an antique fire truck with her fiancé that they have been using in parades to win money for various charities. They brought the fire truck over to the party and gave everyone a ride in it (adults and children). He had called ahead to the police station to let them know what his plans were so that he could gain permission to blow the sirens and honk the horns for the kids amusement.

My sister’s sister-in-law brought over the newest version of the Wii game Just Dance. What a hit that was. Not only was it fun to watch everyone take a turn, but it actually made us all laugh so hard our sides hurt.

Other games were going on throughout the party as well. My brother-in-law and his brother were having match-ups with the foosball table, while several of us girls were busy playing Scrabble. The kids were using a version of Operation that included the character Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

There was a lot going on during that birthday party, but more memories were made than anything else. Everyone went home feeling good and happy because they took time to spend with one another. I know my nephew will remember this birthday for a long time to come.