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Family Activities for the Park

Scavenger Hunts, Sports, and Nature Hikes.

Just 5 minutes away from my house is our county park. Although our park also has a zoo, I will stick with activities that I have found to be an extremely fun way to spend time with my family.

The first activity is a scavenger hunt. I like to make it a bit harder for the adults, just to make things fair. You’ll need to scope out your park to see what items you can include on your list, but you’ll want to stick with simple items for the children. For example, I’d write a green leaf on my daughter’s list, but an oak leaf on mine. I may also write acorn on her list, but an intact acorn on mine, since most of the acorns in the area are only shells of an acorn.

Next, the family can play some type of sport together. Instead of a sport that requires an entire team, I like to stick with using something like a Frisbee, a boomerang, or even a kite. The fact that the family is doing it together is what matters. You can play hopscotch, tag, or even make an obstacle course that everyone in the family must complete. Time the course to see who finishes it the fastest. Our park is rather large so there is plenty of room to do this.

Finally, take a nature hike. There are trails all over our park. Each of these trails has several plaques throughout it. The plaques are next to certain trees or flowers, identifying them so that children and adults can recognize them again in the future. While on these nature hikes, each family member can use a digital or disposable camera to take pictures. After the pictures are developed, the family can vote on the photo with the best lighting, the most unique photo, etc. It’s just a fun way to create memories that will last a lifetime.