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I Really hate Walking

Walking just seems to go on and on forever

I have a kind, yet annoying uncle that is constantly trying to get me to go on a walk with him. Not just any walk, a 6 mile walk. What is he thinking?

It’s not that I’m against exercise, I just prefer exercises that I can get in and get out, and walking in my experience isn’t a form of exercise that can be completely in a short amount of time. In fact, I know from past experience that my Uncle’s 6 mile walks take hours.

My uncle actually isn’t the only one that tries to drag me along on walks. Throughout my life I have often managed to have one person or another request me company for a walk. I’m not sure why, I must just look like a walker.

My mother-n-law, my uncle’s sister used to be even worse. She would plead for me to go on a walk with her whenever I would come over. On occasion she would wear me down and I would find myself on a long walk that would make me secretly wish I was anywhere other than where I currently was.

She would walk about 2.5 miles through her neighborhood, then a few more blocks to get down to the Mississippi River. She would then walk through the river paths, approximately another 1.5 miles. At this point she would climb down to the actual river bed, which was probably another mile. When all of this walking was done, she still needed to turn around to get home. In total her walks were right around 10 miles. This just might be the reason that I hate walking.