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A Mother Knows How to Cook Best

It’s funny, I consider myself a good cook but, when it comes to making my favorite dishes my mom used to make, I come no where close. I am not sure if it is because someone else cooks it or just because it is mom, only mothers know how to cook it best.


From the simplest of dishes to the more sophisticated, I have done them all. They were actually very tasty too! Something as simple as homemade spaghetti sauce or brown gravy like mom used to make for us seems next to impossible. Guest can come over for supper and love what I cook and for some reason, it still doesn’t taste like moms. Why? Does she spray her perfume in it? I would like to think that I have watched her enough times to know exactly what goes into the dish, shucks, she has even taught me step by step. I often wonder what my problem is?!?


I chuckle as I write this because, as a mother myself, I know this all too well. I still call my mother to fix those special and certain things on occasion. I also know the flip side of this coin too. I am married and often wonder what I am doing wrong when my husband only wants his mother’s certain dishes. It’s just funny how that works. Logically speaking, I understand why he does; I just want to be as good as she. J


What do you think it is that makes our mother’s dishes taste so different? I mean, I even buy the exact same brands and ingredients that she uses. Maybe it is the smells of her house, her perfume and the type of dish soap that she uses, all combined into one. I just don’t get it.


There is one thing for sure that I do understand and that is a mother knows how to cook it best.