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Mom has Eyes in the Back of Her Head!

While to some, it may be considered taking complete advantage of your child but, I remember being terrified believing when my mom told me she had eyes in the back of her head. At my tender young age, I believed this because she caught me doing any and everything; even if I was no where that she could possibly see. It was just amazing. I thought my mom was a super hero of sorts.


I chuckle to this day, when in the car with my little ones and I catch them doing something. I do not budge, I simply correct them. To see their little faces in that rearview mirror is priceless. They whisper to each other, “how did she know?”, I politely intrude and say, “didn’t you know, I have eyes in the back of my head, all moms do!”. To then watch them closely examine my head from the back seat in search of this extra pair of eyes is hilarious!


Sometimes, as a parent, you must recycle many of the sayings that your very own parents used on you. It is funny when it happens because you are able to relate to both your mom and your own children, when doing so. You remember the thoughts you had when hearing these sayings, while you look at the facial expressions of your own children. You then find yourself in the position of your mother and think about hard she must have tried to keep a straight face, all those years ago.