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What All That Jibber Jabber Means

As mothers, we have to be on our toes at all times with our little ones. This is especially true in regards to communicating with the little darlings. As precious as they are, deciphering all the jibber jabber can be a job all in itself.

We all can’t wait for them to get bigger so, we can talk and laugh with them. They start out with the cute words and then move on to what we believe are sentences. We start to get a clear understanding of what all that jibber jabber is supposed to mean. My daughter is three and for the most part, speaks pretty clearly BUT, there are those few alpha’s that she can not get right. It’s too cute, really! If she sees a happy face, it’s mommy look at that “Happy Pace!” As her mom, I know what she means though.

It is great when, you are in public and our little ones want to jibber jabber and at ninety miles an hour. They want to communicate like mommy does with other people. People generally do their best to keep up with your little ones, even if they have not one clue what type of conversation they are really having. Often times, they may turn to you to decipher those words, as you understand each and every one of them. You’re her mother; you know what it is she is trying to say. You’ve had these conversations over and over with her.

The more you communicate with your child in a non-childish (baby talk) fashion, the better they will learn to pronounce many different words. Encourage your child to learn by helping them understand the correct way to pronounce words. They are completely healthy and will most likely grow out of this as they get older. It’s just a perk of being a preschooler and irresistibly cute! Only a mother can truly understand the importance of all that jibber jabber and appreciate it.