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The Sound of Genuine Laughter

"Today, so many kids are sarcastic and stuck on being grown up"
A mother knows the sound of genuine laughter. As silly as our children think we are or as slick as they think they are, a mother knows the difference in many things. Too often, our children grow up and you are left pondering the thoughts of “what just happened?”. You are left wondering was that laugh, cry and/or outburst genuine.
When our children are in the toddler stages of life, it is so easy to tell when you child is happy, sad, mad, etc. They wear their little hearts on their sleeves. As they get older, they learn to restrict us from their emotions; after all, we are not cool anymore! As they enter their teenage and impressionable years, it is hard to tell if they are coming or going. When is the last time you heard that sweet laughter you used to hear when your teenager was younger?
Today, so many kids are sarcastic and stuck on being grown up and that leaves it hard to tell whether they are laughing, whining or talking back; its just hard to keep up! While we love our children, we miss the genuine laughter we had together when they were younger. As slick as our children think they are, their mothers know when they hear genuine laughter and when something truly makes them happy. If we see them sad, we make it our priority to find that laughter for them and lift their burdens.
Our kids will only know what it’s like to be us and understand how a mother knows everything; when they become a parent themselves. Something’s, only a mother knows.