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A Real Cry

Having a child means that you learn each and every noise, movement and action taken by your little one and believe me there are a bunch of them. As sweet and innocent as our little ones are, they sure know how to play with our emotions. As the mother of one, three year old little girl; I was a nervous wreck as a new parent. Any little whimper or squirm, I was all over it. I wasn’t going to let her want for anything, I would be there the second she needed me.

Well, as she got older, she caught on to that and started using it against me. She will whine in the drop of a dime, thinking she will get what she wants and quickly. Generally, that would be the case but not anymore. I’ve caught on to her game!! I’ve had to learn which cry was real. I tell her no and she cries; I know she isn’t hurting but merely mad so, I don’t react. I can tell when there is some what of a high pitch in her cry that something is really wrong with her. These times are when I FLY to see what is wrong with my baby.

We all know our children but we are left to learn when they are really in need of our assistance and when they just aren’t getting their way. This lesson is never fun nor easy to learn and often makes us feel down right miserable. As parents, we just need to stick to our guns and not be over bearing. Learn your child’s real cry and know when they need you to come running.