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Is it laziness or pure comfort?

The two could easily be confused


I have been stuck to a corded computer for awhile now. For the most part I've accepted it and dealt with it the best I could. The last month or so that has slightly changed as all I've wanted was a new laptop.


It went beyond wanting a laptop, it seemed as if everything I did on a computer had become a chore. I had wondered if in fact a laptop could answer my computer problems. Could it be that it would really be that simple? Amazingly, it really was as simple as buying a new laptop.


What I have found is that I just really like being in any position that isn't upright. It could be as simple as lounging on the couch or across a chair. Though what I have found is that I seem to be most productive laying across my bed or across the rug in my living room on my belly. As I thought back, I remember three whole semesters were completed in that exact same position with my old laptop.


At first I settled on the truth of pure laziness. Then I began to contemplate one point, if it were a result of laziness then the speed at which I completed my task wouldn't have increased. My production would have remained the same. I realized it had to be more comfort based than laziness. Maybe it's more along the lines of casual Friday, on casual Fridays, even though people may be more relaxed they also get more work done primarily a result of being relaxed.