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One For The Money

Heigl’s latest film isn’t as cringe-worthy as one might expect.

Don’t you just love renting movies from the library? Not only is it free, you get a couple of weeks (usually) to watch your movie—and the fines are so much cheaper if you somehow don’t end up returning them on time. I’ve been watching so many movies lately because of the library, and I really appreciate this resource.

Even though I have yet to watch her in a role that I really like, I am a fan of Katherine Heigl. I think she’s adorable and that she looks really smart—and that she deserves to play a really smart character instead of the bimbos she is usually cast as. How about a nice crime thriller with her as the lead detective, Hollywood? I fear that the film One for the Money may be as close as we get, so I decided to check it out from the library.

The good news is that the movie isn’t nearly as horrible as you might think. There is no gratuitous sex—though there is a nude scene where Heigl is trapped in the shower, though you don’t see anything—and the focus is much more on her success as a bail bonds woman rather than any romance (though there is that, too). Heigl is a down on her luck divorced woman who loses her job and needs money to pay her rent fast. So she becomes a bail bonds collector for her cousin.

Though her New York Italian accent wasn’t so great, I thought this was one of her better roles since she not only saved herself and the guy she likes from some brutal criminals; she also made friends with some prostitutes who served as witnesses (she even got one of them another job), hung out with her awesome crazy grandma, and became friends with the bail bonds secretary as well. I think this movie might even pass the Bechdel test, which is probably why it’s so popular and I had to return it quickly because it had so many holds.

Hollywood, pay attention—we love strong females in lead roles, especially when they have so many female friendships! Keep them coming. I think Bridesmaids proved that you can make a huge buck off this kind of film, and this one—though not even nearly as funny—was a good effort. Maybe if we get even more female directors and writers on board, we’ll finally come to a point where we have—gasp!—media we can all enjoy.