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How Long Should You Carry Your Little One?

My little guy is 4.5 years old and he weighs 32 pounds. So, when he falls asleep in his car seat and I opt to carry him inside instead of waking him, it's no big deal. Sometimes, I have other things I'm carrying in addition to him, and it works out.

If my son weighed 10 or 15 pounds more, I just don't know if I would be so ready to carry him. Sure, getting him to the house from the car is something I would probably continue to do. But, I'm talking about those times when he comes to me and says, "Pick me up!" "Pick me up!" Now, at 32 pounds, it's no big deal. I pick him up and carry him around with no issues.

Just to be clear, I don't carry him around in public unless the situation gives me no other choice. I either allow him to walk beside me or I put him in a shopping cart.

On a different note, I have a friend who had her son five months ago. He currently weighs 20 pounds. So, I'm wondering how long she'll be carrying him. Right now, it's hard to even hold him because he doesn't really support his weight.

I love my son, and I know that the day will come when he's either too big to pick up, or he will lose interest in being picked up. So, I think I will keep carrying him at different times as needed.