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Chick Flicks and Books Basket

The perfect pick-me-up for a mom on bed rest

When I was pregnant with my first son, there were complications that left me on bed rest for the last several weeks before my baby was born. Before it happened I thought bed rest sounded awesome, by day two of actually being bed bound, not so much. It's boring, uncomfortable and maddening. When you're pregnant, whether it's your first of fourth, you're constantly aware of how much you could and should be doing to prepare. It's exponentially worse when you are absolutely not allowed to do them at all.


One of the best gifts I got when I was on bed rest was a gift basket from the girls at my office. They put together a chick flick and book basket. It sounds simple, but when you're lying down for days on end, it's nearly impossible to stay entertained. Trust me, daytime television only keeps your interest for so long.

In the basket, they added a couple fabulous tear-jerking, laugh-out-loud chick flicks and a few of their personally favorite books. On each of the books and movies, the ladies added a note of encourangement along with why they loved that particular selection. Along with the entertainment, they added a big box of tissues, because they knew I was already a softy and adding in the pregnancy hormones, I'd be a blubbering mess.


They also packed in a couple bags of pre-popped popcorn, some chocolates and gift card for movie rentals in case my supply ran out. I was totally set.


Being on bed rest was brutally boring. Getting the chick flick and book basket from my friends was a lifesaver. It brought me hours of entertainment that helped me forget about how anxious I was about the complications of my pregnancy and worrying about what I needed to get done.