December 2011

Homeschooling As a Feminist Act

"As feminists, we have the power to choose what to do with our lives—and if that includes homeschooling, so be it."

As both a feminist and homeschooler (and ironically someone who claims to abhor labels!), I get a little peeved when people claim that feminists can’t be stay at home moms, or homeschoolers. “Well, you’re different because you work, too,” they will tell me, which I sneer at, because it’s ridiculous and judgmental. Being a feminist is about equal rights and opportunities; staying at home with a child and homeschooling are both choices. I know plenty of parents who both stay at home and work from home to be an entire family, or fathers who stay at home while mothers work so they can homeschool, and vice versa. How is this against feminism if it is what these people wish to do in their lives?

Family Sleepover Party

Create a Cool Sleepover Party for the Whole Family

You already know kids love sleepover parties – lots of activities, great movies, fun food and talking the night away. What could be cooler! How about moms and dads getting in on the fun? And brothers and sisters! In fact, why can’t the whole family get in on the fun with a family sleepover night? It’s a terrific way for the whole family to stay connected and have fun at the same time! The rules are the same whether it’s friends or family… have fun! Here’s some ideas to help put together a family sleepover night that will be the best all-nighter ever!

Curl Up on the Couch with a Good Read

"Reading Lowers Stress Faster Than Walking, Listening to Music or Sipping from a Cup of Herbal Tea."

This week I have a confession to make regarding my “go to” stress reduction techniques. I'm reading my first novel since I gave birth to my daughter nine months ago. I'm still a bit surprised that I didn't make time for a book but it seemed there was something else to get done whether it was feeding the baby, cleaning or working or a combination of all three.


The reason that I now have time to read, compared to the last nine months, is because my husband and I are staying with his parent's until New Year's Day. That translates to grandma and grandpa watching our 9-month old because they don't get to see her that often which also means that my husband and I have been on a vacation. (Too bad it will end in a few days.)

What All That Jibber Jabber Means

As mothers, we have to be on our toes at all times with our little ones. This is especially true in regards to communicating with the little darlings. As precious as they are, deciphering all the jibber jabber can be a job all in itself.

We all can’t wait for them to get bigger so, we can talk and laugh with them. They start out with the cute words and then move on to what we believe are sentences. We start to get a clear understanding of what all that jibber jabber is supposed to mean. My daughter is three and for the most part, speaks pretty clearly BUT, there are those few alpha’s that she can not get right. It’s too cute, really! If she sees a happy face, it’s mommy look at that “Happy Pace!” As her mom, I know what she means though.

Creating Family Resolutions

"If you want to create your own family resolutions this year, just grab your family and a notebook."

I recently came across an article written by Dr. Phil on family resolutions, and it got me to thinking. Sure, each year I write a list of goals an aspirations. I also require my children to do the same. I do this mostly because I have heard successful people all have one thing in common-they put their goals on paper. I had never thought about getting together with my girls and creating a set of family resolutions.

Things Only Internet Moms Would Know

There are many different types of moms. Some moms are classified as internet moms while others may be classified as stay at home moms. Each type of mom is going to know more about other things than the other because of their environment. Internet moms are usually work at home moms whereas to stay at home moms are usually moms that may work from home occasionally but they do not depend on this as their form of income to survive. Some things that only internet moms will know are listed below.

A Real Cry

Having a child means that you learn each and every noise, movement and action taken by your little one and believe me there are a bunch of them. As sweet and innocent as our little ones are, they sure know how to play with our emotions. As the mother of one, three year old little girl; I was a nervous wreck as a new parent. Any little whimper or squirm, I was all over it. I wasn’t going to let her want for anything, I would be there the second she needed me.

Making Reindeer Crafts

Whether you are at home with your children this week and you are looking for some ways to pass the time, or you just want to make a few ornaments for your own tree, reindeer ornaments are some of the most fun things you can make! Kids love reindeer, of course, but they’re also a universal sign of the season without being necessarily religious. Here are just a few crafts that my daughter and I have made this year.

Relax with a Cup of Herbal Tea

"Sometimes it's a tough choice figuring out which type to purchase with so many on the market today."

What better way to relax for the mom who needs time to herself than with a cup of herbal tea? As a mom of an 8-month old I know how easy it is to forget about taking the time to unwind with a good book, movie or by any means. Usually I find myself too tired to want to do anything, even the activities that promote relaxation. One method, however, that I've found that works to relax me, even at the end of a hectic day, is by heating up a cup of water for decaffeinated, herbal tea. At the moment my favorite is a raspberry blend. In the past, though, I've enjoyed brews such as a mixture of chamomile and honey and the Sleepy Time Tea.

Busting Holiday Boredom Blues

With winter rapidly approaching—and with many children home from school or simply kept indoors due to the weather—the winter boredom and general blues are bound to set in eventually. Even us grown-ups get cranky when we can’t have a bit of sunlight and we’re cooped up inside all winter! Here are some surefire ways of beating those blues by playing together indoors this winter.

How to Use CVS and Walgreens Rewards for the Best Deals

Here are some tips for taking advantage of these deals.

You may have noticed that both CVS and Walgreens drugstores have their own versions of a "reward dollars" program. CVS calls theirs "Extra Bucks" and Walgreens calls their reward dollars "Register Rewards." Many see the extra buck and register reward deals in the ads for the stores, and are a little confused about how they work. Others know how they work, but would like to know how to utilize them properly to get the most savings on an advertised item. Here are some tips for taking advantage of these deals: