September 2012

One For The Money

Heigl’s latest film isn’t as cringe-worthy as one might expect.

Don’t you just love renting movies from the library? Not only is it free, you get a couple of weeks (usually) to watch your movie—and the fines are so much cheaper if you somehow don’t end up returning them on time. I’ve been watching so many movies lately because of the library, and I really appreciate this resource.

Even though I have yet to watch her in a role that I really like, I am a fan of Katherine Heigl. I think she’s adorable and that she looks really smart—and that she deserves to play a really smart character instead of the bimbos she is usually cast as. How about a nice crime thriller with her as the lead detective, Hollywood? I fear that the film One for the Money may be as close as we get, so I decided to check it out from the library.

Work from home as a mother

Great benefits of working from home as a mother

Being a mom is a challenge. I know this because I have two children of my own. However, I also know what kind of great times you can have with your children. This is when you should know more about how working from home can help you enjoy the working world, but also watching your children grow up into the adults you want them to be.

The first benefit you can find from working at home is seeing your children when you want to. Normally this would not be a major issue, but when you are a mother every minute you can spend with your children is precious. So you will really enjoy getting the chance to see your kids at any point in time during the day.

A vow to my daughter

I will always love you just as you are.

Last night, my daughter and I had a great time playing tourist at our local Target while my husband got some extra hours in. We bought stickers, we tried on hats, we learned about igneous rock in the beauty aisle, and even had snacks at the café. It was a perfect wrap-up to a busy day of science club, history club, and tornado warnings (complete with a drill at our local conservation department!).

When we were brushing our teeth that evening, I burst out, “I love my awesome hair! It’s so pretty and awesome and I love it!” Obviously I was inspired by this video, but my six year old did not know that. Not missing beat, she sang out, even more loudly, “I love my awesome hair! It’s so awesome and it flies in the wind and it keeps my head warm!” Well, even at six, she’s more practical than I am, but you get the idea.