October 2012

This Means War

I think Twilight has turned us into a generation of stalker fetishists.

My best friend assured me that the film This Means War is fantastically funny, and she was right, as usual. I laughed pretty hard. But I didn’t walk away thinking it was a great movie because there were plenty aspects of the film that bothered me.

The obvious problem is that these two covert agents actively spied on the girl they were both dating. They didn’t just Google her like a normal person, or even look up her information and leave it at that; they bugged her house! They followed her everywhere she went! And worst of all, they recorded her on camera, including a scene during which she had sex with one of them. Of course, the more devious of the two was the one she ended up with (no, I’m not bitter that she didn’t end up with my pick—just really, really irritated at what’s passing for romance).

Make an outdoor science lab

This activity is fun and mostly free for both your family and yourself.

Here is a photo of my daughter’s new outdoor science (or potions, as she calls it) lab. It doesn’t look new, does it? That’s because it’s made out of a sawed off piece of my desk. She loves it, though, and we have been playing with it for weeks now that I’ve rearranged my office and given her lots to experiment with.

Not only does she have all of my old expired herbs (you can tell when your herbs need replenishing by smelling them, by the way; if there’s no scent or a weak scent, you generally need new herbs!), she also has plenty of bottles, bowls, spoons, marbles, and even two-liter bottles. She also has lots of things from our yard, like twigs, rocks and acorns.

What it means to have it all

Essentially, it means doing it all.

You want to be a mom and “have it all?” I’ll tell you what. You can do it. You can have it all. You can also have an ulcer while you’re at it.

I’ve had it all. I had a lucrative career working full-time at salary level pay working from home, while attending a state university full-time, while being a full-time mom who never used a sitter. Pretty impressive, right? I even published a novella during this time.

Of course, I didn’t read much. If you know me, you know reading makes my soul breathe. For two years, the only books I read were textbooks for chemistry and other courses and picture books to my infant. I didn’t sleep much, either. In fact, I slept so little that I sometimes hallucinated; I saw things like giant bugs climbing the walls. I fell a couple of times, too, just walking around my apartment. I slept so little that my doctor told me it was the equivalent of doing drugs.

The Pinterest time suck

Using Pinterest wisely

By now most of us have not only heard of Pinterest, but are likely nursing our own addiction to the site. If you haven't heard of it, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking website. You can pin things you see online by image. You arrange your pins into boards, so you can quickly scan the images to find the bookmark you are looking for. What makes it addicting is you can also scan through everyone else's pins. The eye candy on there is amazing!