November 2012

Lazy days aren’t just for summers

It’s perfect for the colder months, too!

When trying to picture a lazy day of doing nothing, it is all too easy for your mind to conjure up images of a hot summer day in which you lounge by the pool endlessly.  And as nice and relaxing as that might sound right now, there is no need for you to wait until next year to enjoy a lazy day.  You can have a perfectly good one right in the midst of the cold-weather months.

Your goofiest mummy moment

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As I was putting the remote in the refrigerator, I stopped to think about how motherhood has changed my brain. It’s not temporary, though it is worse when your child is a baby, at least from my experience. I forget words—I’ll point at the couch and say, “Get your jacket off the—um, the…” and snap my fingers as if it will come to me. My husband, who has never missed a night of sleep from post-hospital parenting, prods, “Couch?” and sometimes I just want to smack him.

Potty sanctuary!

Where pit stops meet rest stops

I have a confession: My bathroom is my safe haven.

Don't get me wrong, I used to have the problem of my sons popping in every two seconds no matter what I was doing, just like every other mom. But, now that my boys are getting older, we've been working really hard on teaching them that privacy is important.