January 2013

4H Versus Girl Scouts

We really enjoy both, but so far, the verdict is…

4H is better.

To be fair, this is our third year in 4H and only our fist in Scouts, but it’s not for lack of trying. I tried to contact the GS for over a year to try and get my daughter in, but without a school contact it was ridiculous—jumping through hoops, multiple calls and emails only to be told to call this person or to email that person. It took some complaining and even more pushing to finally get us into a meeting—and after that meeting, another two months before we even had a troop. What gives?

Maybe your safety is too safe

Gonna let your 13-year-old wear water wings to the pool party, are you?

Recently I wrote a piece about safe water games for kids to play and someone commented that my ideas—such as diving for toys or swimming to boundaries made with ropes and floating bottles—were not safe. I am thinking that this commenter is either:

A) A helicopter parent

B) A parent who doesn’t want to monitor his or her own kids

C) Someone without kids entirely